LAZYGIRLZ™ Quick Facts

Janet Marie
Founder, LAZYGIRLZ™.net

Janet Marie began studying
modern dance at age five

Grad from Theatre Arts/ Dance Dept.,
Smith College

A longtime veteran of the
entertainment industry

I hope to inspire you to join
the laziest gal of all

Reaching out to
women over 40… like herself



About the Instructor and Founder of LAZYGIRLZ™

Founder of Lazygirlz weight loss system, Janet MarieJanet Marie began studying modern dance at age five in her hometown of Ridgewood, New Jersey.  Her very first recital at age five was a solo performance to Saint-Saëns’ Carnival of Animals (“Le Carnaval des Animaux”) doing donkey kicks!  We’re not sure why that’s totally relevant but we do find it quite funny, actually.

OK, let’s get serious.  Janet Marie is an Honors graduate of the Theatre Arts/ Dance Department of Smith College.  While there, she had the opportunity to take master classes with some of the top modern dance companies in America.  Her core dance training includes improvisational dance, modern dance, classical ballet including pointe as well as jazz and some tap.  Additionally, Marie has studied yoga, Tan Soo Do Karate, boxing and Tai Chi.  She has taught both dance and group fitness professionally and, over the years, spent way too much time at the gym!

A longtime veteran of the entertainment industry who also holds a Masters in Business Administration degree, Marie has extensive experience both behind and in front of the camera.  Her behind-the-camera experience includes five years working at ABC-TV on major network shows.  Her on/camera and radio experience includes voice/overs on over 70 TV commercials, reality TV shows, radio show hosting, and feature parts on soaps. This experience allows her to share her considerable Hollywood savvy toward helping you look and feel great.

As the Executive Producer of the upcoming “SHED IN BED™” video series, Janet Marie would like to assure you that this is a true labor of love based on her sincere desire to reach out to women over 40… like herself.

“I’m not getting any younger, and unfortunately, I didn’t have a child to pass on the knowledge I’ve acquired over a lifetime, so it came to me that now was the time to share my secrets with the world.  It’s funny because sometimes I don’t know how I know all the things I do about fitness, beauty, looking good for camera, eating right, and so on, but I do.  So now, I’d like to share my tips and secrets with you, and hopefully provide a few laughs along the way.

You know, I’ve learned as much from my failures as I have from my successes, and I’ve truly absorbed that’s it’s all good.  I now think of failure as just a sentence, as in, ‘Oh, yeah, I messed that one up, alright’.  I mean, so what, right?  Failure is just a sentence, so put a period on it, and move on.  The most important thing to know is that the people who love you will love you no matter  – whether you fail… or succeed.”

Janet Marie, Founder of LAZYGIRLZ™