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Lose Weight the Lazy Way
25 Golden Rules to Success

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Just follow LAZYGIRLZ™.net Founder Janet Marie’s simple, easy-to-follow rules designed to help you lose weight…the lazy way!  You are going to learn how to identify your food mistakes, get motivated, get started and tweak your existing diet until you get the right balance in order to watch those unwanted pounds melt away…all while you live your life comfortably, without ever feeling the stress and deprivation that comes with all the loser diets you’ve tried and failed at your whole adult life.  That’s what the LAZYGIRLZ™ system is all about.  Easy does it and gimmick-free.

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Janet Marie BEFORE and AFTER

Janet Marie Before Janet Marie after Lazygirlz easy weight loss plan
“I dropped 2 dress sizes and am working on the 3rd by following my own system.  I am the laziest person around, so if I can do it, so can you!”
Janet Marie

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A bit of the story behind the Lose Weight the Lazy Way E-Book

“Around 2010, I had gained quite a bit of weight.  It was due to a combination of things – a sedentary day job sitting at a computer for hours at a time, post-menopausal weight gain, depression over a break-up, and some really dumb food habits.  I get into my personal story in the E-Book, and my guess is, many of you can relate.

Then I met somebody – I mean somebody special.   The only thing was, this very cute guy wasn’t going to be back in town for 3 whole months.   Can you spell M-O-T-I-V-A-T-I-O-N?

So, I started to develop my “system” – a workout which turned into the “Shed in Bed” workout – as well as the diet modifications which turned into the Lose Weight the Lazy Way E-Book – and I actually managed to drop a whole dress size well before that hot date came to be.  But the most important thing I have to share about that process was… I felt better about myself.

And that’s how I want you to feel, too: better about yourself.  And as you see yourself slowly but surely transform into the person you were truly meant to be, I know you will find your transformation to be not just physical…but spiritual as well.”

Janet Marie
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