Calorie Count
This is a great and super-easy-to-use
site to figure your calorie counts at very quickly.

Daily Spark
Here’s an excerpt to one of those flashy articles you see when you check out at the supermarket, but I bought it on impulse because it said “News out of Yale University” which intrigued me.  I ended up contacting the Yale professor – more about that later.

Spark People
This site is a free site that will allow you to start and keep a food diary with calorie counts attached if you are so inclined, and has many other resources as well.

Hungry Girl
This links to a fun site for “hungry gals” connected to
“The Hungry Girl” show on the Food Network.  I like that she says what she thinks!

Lose it
A good friend of mine recommended the Lose It mobile app for tracking calories. You can find out more about it on the Lose It link above.