“Your book is a delightful read.”
C. M., Fairfield, CT
Art Teacher

“I love your promotional video! Your personality and sense of humor really come through; it reminded me of chatting with you. I think I may buy your book.”
J. H., Kensington, NH
Educational Outreach Advisor

Judith: “You look fabulous and are a great role model.”

Janet replies: “Judith, this is such a lovely compliment, and yes, I would like to be a role model for older women who want to look and feel great at any age.”

Judith: “Yes, it’s a new world, full of vibrant, vital older women who want to keep creating. No rocking chairs for us.”
Judith Claire, Santa Monica, CA
Personal, Career And Relationship Counselor

“Great concept! My favorite part is the “Shed in Bed” workout.  I don’t have time to go to gym, so I tried this workout…. Works perfect for me!”
Vera Nadeina, Toronto, Canada