You should not start any new diet or exercise program without consulting a physician.  Furthermore, if you are overweight or obese as set by the standards of the CDC (Center for Disease Control), you should consult a physician in order to rule out any medical condition which diet and exercise alone would not cure.

The LAZYGIRLZ™ system makes no guarantees or claims that you will lose weight by following the system, and that is because each person’s metabolism is different and no specific claims can reliably be made in regards to how much weight you can lose, how long it will take you to do so or whether you will be able to keep it off.  The system relies on self-monitoring by the consumer so there is no way to directly monitor whether the customer is following the guidelines set forth in the LAZYGIRLZ™ system or not.

The LAZYGIRLZ™ system relies on the common sense approach of ramping up exercise while cutting back on portion sizes and overall calorie intake so as to burn more calories than you consume, thereby favorably increasing your chance of success losing weight…and then keeping it off.

In short, results may vary.

Janet Marie, the founder of LAZYGIRLZ™, LLC, is a fitness expert who advocates a healthy lifestyle; she is neither a nutritionist nor a medical professional and makes no scientific claims and gives no advice in that regard.

Limits of Liability

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Should there any dispute and it cannot be resolved between the parties, such dispute will be resolved by mediation, and shall be governed by the laws of the State of California.   If such dispute cannot be resolved by mediation, then the dispute shall be resolved by the state and or federal courts in Los Angeles County, California.   This policy and all contracts and agreements between you and LAZYGIRLZ and all disputes of any nature arising from or related to LAZYGIRLZ shall be governed by California law without regard to its choice of law rules.