Bonnie Franklin and Valerie Harper – Oh My

It was a double-whammy this month to hear about the passing of Bonnie Franklin from pancreatic cancer and the incurable cancer diagnosis of Valerie Harper.  It’s just shocking and you know, it really sucker-punches you into realizing that life is short and whatever goals we have in our minds to achieve,  we’d better get going on them, because who knows how long we will be on this earth.

The shows these two fine actresses were in were part of my regular viewing back in the day so the memories of them takes me back to the memories of my own life.  Franklin had attended the same college I went to so there was that connection although she went there years before me.

The ensemble casts of the shows were great, and I especially enjoyed Valerie Bertinelli’s character on “One Day at a Time” and Nancy Walker on “Rhoda”. (Nancy was the “Quicker-Picker-Upper” spokesperson for Bounty for so, so long and she was as fine a character actress as you could ever imagine.)

I was checking out Valerie Harper’s imdb site  and unfortunately, I can’t remember the film, but I remember she was interviewed once about how terrified and freaked out that she would have to appear in a bathing suit for a film role.  But by gum, she did it and she looked great.  I think she said in the interview she worked with a trainer for 3 straight weeks or something like that to get in shape for the one shot.

{Note added February 2014 by Janet Marie – I found out that the film above was “Chapter Two” and Valerie married her trainer!   How lovely!}

Now that’s the measure of a woman!  To appear in a bathing suit on the big screen – that’s what I call courage!  It just stuck in my mind all these years as it impressed me so much at the time!

Bless you both, Valerie and Bonnie, and thank you for all the enjoyment you’ve brought into our lives.


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