How I Got Started with LazyGirlz by Janet Marie

I write songs and am often asked how I come up with ideas.  The answer is I often wake up in the middle of the night with a sliver of an idea – such as a lyrical hook that may or may not come with a bit of melody attached.  The key is I have trained myself to wake up enough to jot my idea down on a notepad so I can remember it and work on it later.  I have a folder full of such notions, some of which have actually turned into full-fledged, produced songs which you can listen to if you like at  Our fan fave is “Wise Woman” which is great if you are in the mood for a women’s anthem that is a real feel-good tune about all the roles we play as women in our lives.

Anyway, I’m not exactly sure how the “lazygirlz” concept came to me back in the spring of 2010.  It wasn’t an idea for a song this time but rather an idea for this meaningful new venture I’ve embarked on with this website, To put this in context,  I’d been getting some wake-up calls about my weight gain at the time – one at the doctor’s office, when I was shocked to find out that I’d hit my lifetime high weight.  Another was when I had to shift up into a jean size I’d never been before.  But I wasn’t actually acting on these wake-up calls…

…Until I met a certain someone with whom I had INSTANT chemistry, the kind you so rarely and I mean rarely encounter in life.  I talk about that in my e-book as it gave me the kick-in-the-pants motivation I needed to start doing SOMETHING – ANYTHING – to lose some weight.

And this is where my self-awareness came in.  I’m just not very self-disciplined when it comes right down to it.  You probably know someone who without fail gets up and runs five miles every single day.  I would not be that person!  Instead of disciplined action, I’m more likely to engage in self-critical talk about why I am not doing something.  So, I am quite sure the “lazygirlz” concept came to me in a flash while I was chewing myself out for being “a lazy b…ch”!

However, like some songs I’ve written, it came to me in a flash that the whole “lazy” banner summed up my entire approach to fitness and losing weight.  As I like to tell people, it’s the opposite of the boot camp approach.

The last thing in the world I wanted to do was head to the gym, because I’d injured myself permanently on a weight machine some years back and had a herniated disk and sciatica to show for it.  If I tried to run, my foot would start going numb after the first block, so that was out.  So what’s a lazy girl to do?  Answer: shed in bed!  I then took my lazy self and developed a comprehensive but gentle-on-the-body workout I could do…right in my own bed.  You can pre-order the video now if you like on the Store page.

I took my lazy concept and applied it to my eating as well.  I simply do not have the discipline to be on a “Diet” with a capital “D” as it is, in a word, a total drag, too hard, and too darn stressful.  My life is stressful enough as it is so I don’t need to make it any harder on myself – I need to make it easier, and that’s what I did when I wrote the e-book.  It’s all about losing weight within the context of your real life and your personal food likes and dislikes.  It’s stress-free dieting.  I don’t even like the word dieting due to the stigma attached to the word.  But you get what I mean.  Easy-does-it is my approach.

Originally, I developed the eating side of the LazyGirlz system as a one-hour lecture I would give on video.  But my writer friend Marilyn suggested I write an e-book…so I did.  I’m glad I did because it helped me take a much more comprehensive look at what I like to call “successful eating” and I think and hope all of you will benefit as a result!

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