New Year’s Resolutions Are So Last Year!

You might wonder why I am starting off a blog about New Year’s resolutions when it’s already March.

Well, here’s the reason.  Have you kept your resolutions, and if so, how long did that last?  Let’s take it one step further.  Do you even remember what resolutions you made?  How quickly we forget!

I just have to say I am not fond of making resolutions and I kind of don’t believe in making them, or at least, big ones.  I mean, think about it.  If you’re at a New Year’s party surrounded by hard-drinking, hard-partying individuals you have never seen before (and probably never want to see again), is that really the time to spoil a nice evening and decide to stop drinking? Come on.  Is a party and a time for celebration really the time to decide you are going to lose ten pounds by the end of February?  I think not.

There’s a reason that all the weight loss products front-load a huge chunk of their annual ad budgets right after the holidays, and it’s exactly because of this I-have-to-change-my-whole-life mindset that so many folks have on New Year’s.

But I say the heck with that as that’s no way to motivate yourself.  My E-book, Lose Weight the Lazy Way, gets heavily into how to motivate yourself, and I guarantee you, it’s not about making New Year’s resolutions.  You can start a weight loss regimen ANY time of year…as long as you’ve set your goals in a realistic and motivational way.

The reason I dislike New Year’s resolutions about weight loss or and, pardon the pun, weighty topics, is it just sets you up for failure and disappointment…and that’s no way to live a life.  And it’s certainly no way to celebrate by putting some enormous weight (there I go again) on your shoulders.

Well, Atlas shrugged.  And I shrugged off making killer New Year’s resolutions long ago…and I am happier for it.

So I say make your resolution – if any – modest – and doable.  Heck, just becoming a better citizen works for me.  You know, like, vote in more elections, do something for the environment, pick up after your dog, volunteer, you get it.

Here was my actual New Year’s resolution this year: recycle more. Yeah, that’s the whole of it.  Done.

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