Once You Lose the Weight…by Janet Marie

Here’s the thing.  We all know what a drag it is to lose weight, which is why in my e-book, Lose Weight the Lazy Way (http://lazygirlz.net/e-book/), I urge you not to think about it too much as you follow the “25 Golden Rules to Success” I’ve outlined.  However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, folks, and so the title of this blog is “Once You Lose the Weight…”.

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Once you lose the weight…

You will never want to gain it back.

You will have gotten rid of all your old “fat” clothes and you absolutely refuse to ever buy clothes that old size again.  Now that’s what I call a commitment to self!

Every once in a while, you will see an old picture of yourself when you were much heavier and you will be incredulous that that was even you.  It’s like you will be looking at the picture of someone else even though you know it’s you.

In other words, it’s like you’ll be saying “what was I thinking?” letting myself get that way and you will sort of disconnect from that former image of yourself that literally and figuratively no longer fits.

You will not be as hungry as you used to because your stomach will have shrunk and you just won’t want to eat big portions anymore.

Your body will be very happy with you and that happiness will seep into your sub-conscious and you will be very comfortable in your new skin.

If you are like me, you will enjoy wearing dresses again and showing a little leg…or any part of you that you used to hate but now like very much.

You will appreciate the nice comments you get from people who haven’t seen you for a while and these external affirmations will reinforce your own self-affirmation to keep the weight off.

You will look at Jared on Subway commercials and think “Yeah, I can do that, and I didn’t even have to eat at Subway every day”!

Yeah, OK, this last one was just for humor, but that’s OK, because once you lose the weight, you will be in a better humor for sure!

So go for it.  As I like to say, you have nothing to lose…except pounds.

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