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Are you down with the boot camp approach? Do you hate going to the gym? Then we have a workout which is just for you…

Introducing the Ultimate in LAZYGIRLZ™ Fitness The SHED IN BED™ Workouts

…because now you don’t even have to get out of bed….to get in better shape!*

The SHED IN BED™ #1 Workout will make you feel relaxed and alive when those endorphins kick in! And most important, if you do it three times a week and alternate with power walks, YOU WILL SEE RESULTS – you’ll have better tone and be stronger and healthier. It’s time to bring out the more beautiful you inside…now!

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I think you will love our SHED IN BED™ #1 Workout because it is easy to do and you feel fantastic at the end of the approximate 40-minute set. It works your entire body in an easy-to-follow workout that combines light calisthenics, dance and yoga stretches, light weights, positive affirmations and a relaxation segment too.

It’s also an easy workout to take on the road when you travel. And, for those of you with back problems, you’ll be delighted to know that the level of back support in this workout is substantial. I myself have a herniated disk, caused by weight machine at the gym – which is why I hate the gym – and so I developed this workout in 2010 to provide myself with maximum toning…at minimal risk.

The point is, it worked for me…and it will work for you”.

I ask you now for your support and a vote of confidence by pre-ordering your video today.

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Janet Marie, Founder, LAZYGIRLZ™, LLC

*as part of the total LAZYGIRLZ™ system combining eating right, cardio, toning and dance.
** Be sure to consult your physician before starting any exercise regimen. Disclaimer